iStocks Dashboard Widget ready for Leopard

iStocks MiniMy upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard has been successful without any glitches. I had even spare time to update my iStocks Widget to v2.0. It is now ready for Leopard but works also in 10.4. It has some new features based on the feedback, including support for stocks, futures, mutual funds, indices and currencies like “EUR=X”. It has an integrated symbol lookup facility and ships multilingual. Check it out.



  1. jeff n said


    i really like your istock widget, and the nice work you have done on it. until now i am using fidelity’s widget (2 copies of it, hacked to use different .plist for each). it’s slightly buggy though. do you think you’ll ever make your istock to (1) sort by performance for the day? and (2) handle more than 20 stocks?


  2. maba said

    I am currently collecting suggestions like yours. The sort feature seems interesting, the 20+ stocks list was already on my list. A new version is scheduled for the next couple of days. Cheers, Martin.

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