iTunes 7 might delete your Files! Silently!

iTunes 7 IconPlease be careful – iTunes 7.0 might delete files and folders in your music folder, even if you have switched off automatic management! This turns out to be really nasty if you have set the music folder to something like E: or C: !! As I did on my PC. Au revoir, my precious downloads … 😦

Want to see a demo? I have recorded a video of iTunes in Action (deleting files).

The previous week was quite exciting. It started with great news from the Apple keynote, like the new iPod nano (which I had just bought the same night). The new Nano requires iTunes 7, so I bit the bullet and updated my PC from iTunes 6 to version 7.0. Everything went fine. At least it seemed so…

It was during the weekend when I realized that a lot of my downloaded files oddly had vanished from my drive E. At first I thought, ok, maybe I accidentally deleted them by my own. Fine, no problem, so I downloaded the files again. Waited until download was over. Double-Checked by opening the files. Everything was fine. Guess what, the next day all of them were gone again.

As it turned out, the culprit was iTunes 7. This f*g version has a nasty bug (among lots of other issues!). By using FileMon from SysInternals to log all file operations on drive E:, I found that iTunes, just after startup, scans the folder which is set as “Music Folder” in the preferences. That’s ok so far. But here’s what not: The setting for automatic management was switched off, yet iTunes 7 didn’t care. It ignores this setting and does some strange kind of sync, which might result in files and folders getting deleted.

Back in the times of iTunes 5, I had the music folder set to “E:”. I switched off the automatic management, so the music folder (drive E:) was simply ignored. iTunes 6 behaved as expected and I just forgot about these settings. Along comes iTunes 7 which has changed this behavior. iTunes 7 always syncs the music folder (E: for me) in a very strange way: all new files and subfolders that were or will be added to this folder after the iTunes 7 installation just get deleted when iTunes starts. It’s kind of scary.

I have filed a bug report to Apple. But this behavior is so nasty and data loss might be huge. So I decided to report in my blog as well. God (Apple) help us all!


  1. Daniel said

    Why not just use iTunes 7 on your Mac? Most bugs are only present on the Windows XP version.

    • blahblah_wha? said

      ya BS i have a Mac and ITunes did the same shit to me so! pissed… and it seemed to be the files i liked the most that got deleted!

  2. HOLY CRAP! The same thing just happened to me! Tell me what you did (if anything) to get your music back.

    I noticed that the files appear to be gone, but I haven’t gotten the space back on my hard drive.

    • giselle said

      ok quick thing to check…even tho it shouldnt effect itunes …if u have ANY bad memory sticks in ur comp…it will download this corruption onto ur ipod or iphone and keep on redownloading it back onto ur system…so according to recent info u need to find the problem there and u should be alright afterwards..and delete the corrupted backup in itunes of ur ipod or iphone after u replace ur memory to prevent reinfection.

      • Me said

        That doesnt matter.
        Itunes shouldn’t be deleting ANYTHING PERIOD!
        if a file is corrupt, then its corrupt, plain and simple. Itunes doesnt make choices about the music or files you have.
        (at least its not SUPPOSED to)

  3. maba said

    Kevin, I could restore only some files by using a tool named R-Studio, which is commercial, but I think there also exists some freeware tools for “undeleting”. For me, the files and folders were removed, i.e. space was released and the sectors would end up eventually getting overwritten by new allocations.

  4. Mikkel said

    Daniel: It does the same thing for me on my Mac. I’ve copied the files back from my backup drive 4-5 times now! I hope it’s a bug that gets fixed fast, as otherwise iTunes is completely useless to me.

  5. Nehemiah said

    I just got my 2000t and all of my songs are skipping in iTunes, and I cant figure out why. If someone could help me out and tell me how to fix this I would really appreciate it because its driving me crazy. Thanks for the replys.

  6. Mike said

    Happened to me about 3 hours ago lost almost all my TV Shows, my Music, Pictures, and Movies from my Powerbook on OS X 10.4.8 and the latest iTunes version.

    Sent an email to Apple no response so far

  7. Stu said

    After the third time I had to use an undelete client to restore my files I started to get suspicions that itunes had something to do with it.

    This is getting increasingly frustrating, but thank you for the article and the confirmation of what I suspected.

  8. geno said

    this fucking itunes7.0 did it to me as well. i lost about 30 gigs of music. you can get it back by using undelete about $30 or winundelete $50. i pissed!!! i noticed that all files have been renamed. are they going to be renamed back after i restore them?

  9. nigel said

    please keep this thread going! ive lost a few gigs of stuff because of this i-tunes bug. are there any freeware devices i can use to restore them? (recomendations) i a little afaid that using a defrag tool may just wipe the files as they are possibly corrupted. i have the files on an external drive does that make a difference?

  10. Paps said

    Same here! Just lost 50 gigs of tunes! F**K Itunues, hated it anyway.. Will probably not buy an ipod next time!

  11. Pablo said

    Same here, with a twist. iTunes doesn’t actually delete the file, it leaves the file where it should be, but the file now weighs in at Zero kb. It took all my iTMS downloads and a slew of additional music, in all, about 30GB.

    P*ssed is an understatement.

  12. Brian said

    Same thing happened to me. I installed iTunes 7 for the first time today and lost 6 gigs of mp3s on my second hard drive, but it didn’t delete any of the mp3s or .wav music files on my primary hard drive. Does anyone have a solution to this?

  13. Adriano said

    It has just happened to me… I downloaded Undelete Plus (free) right away from and successfully recovered all files… From now on I am pointing iTunes to monitor an empty folder and managing everything manually.

    • Stephanie said

      Would you mind posting a quick how to? I want to do the same as you…

  14. Nathan said

    Same here as Pablo – any fixes yet? LOST RARE S***! Running OSX…

  15. asia said

    what if you accidentally delete itunes when you try to download the new version, and you cant get to the music you once had, and every time i try to download the new itunes it doesn’t wrok it always stops at 99% and my computer freezes.

  16. Jenny said

    It would have been really nice to find this a few days ago. I just lost everything. Over 5,000 songs. I had all of them saved to E:

  17. Miles VdE said

    Just Discovered this behaviour yesterday, Hopefully just after my backup !!!
    Using OSX and Itunes 7.02
    I’ll install the latest version 7.1x and hope it has been fixed !
    I am a Apple Fan since Apple II, but this is really SHEAT Steve !!!

  18. Annoyed said

    It happened to me, I wouldn’t be so annoyed if I didn’t lose a few albums I ripped from a scratched cd’s bought in Europe years ago. There is little chance of getting it back now.

    *hitting head against brick wall*

  19. Jason said

    This might be a little low tech, but I figured I’d wait until they fix it and then upload all the songs from my ipod. I was lucky enough not to have connected them before I noticed the problem

  20. Florence said

    Has the problem been solved in iTunes 7.3.2? I think this is just happening to my computer. My library was saved on a second hard drive G. Please let me know!
    Thanks. F

    • giselle said

      well..the latest version of itunes is even worse…it wiped my entire iphone hardrive too…i lost my contacts and apps and everything..and now i cant sync it to the comp so im just gonna delete itunes totally and give up on apple products forever …next phone is gonna be a windows pc ….f**k apple!

  21. Dee said

    yep same thing has happened to me just bought the new video ipod and tada thought it was great only had it a week, and somehow my received files, my music files, and my picture files have deleted and empty! tried restore prgrammes no joy! think i’m just gonna give my ipod back, really want my photo’s back! this is on windows xp if any of you guys know please let me know

  22. Andria said

    I lost over 600 songs..i know that is not alot, but one day just opened iTunes and EVERYTHING was gone..completely empty. Is it a sure thing to buy undelete software? will this get my library back to how it was before?

  23. wayne said

    Hey, i am not alone, great . each time i have downloaded new ichunes software i lose randomnly selected albums from my music folder. its freaking annoying to me as i know its not my stupidity that causes this, any suggestions?

  24. Jenny said

    fj;aklfja;!!! This just happened to me and I’m pissed. Granted I should have backed up my music but it deleted a ton of stuff from my ipod.

  25. caitlin said

    just happened to me last night… 5000 songs magically disappeared, but my hard drive still shows that the space is being used by 22 gb of music plus the other stuff i had. i’m massively heartbroken and really shocked that apple, in all its self-promotion and commercials trying to prove it’s better than PCs, has not fixed this problem by itunes version 7.5. steve jobs owes me $4950.

  26. sam said

    this still hasn’t been fixed? it’s been an effing year already.

  27. mattywix said

    does anyone have a solution to this? Same happens if itunes is closed and I use the windows file explorer and click on a file to listen to it – itunes takes the file and removes it …file vanishes from disk (I searched!).

  28. memetech said

    Boom. Christmas day. All gone. MF

  29. magnj said

    I lost 12 CD’s I ripped to FLAC on my H:/ drive, which I at one point, pointed iTunes towards to see if it would play FLAC. But ALSO A whole shitload of pictures which I was playing in a sideshow earlier.

    Unfortunately I tried to use windows restore and undelete is not working 😦

  30. Steele said

    just happened to me,SOO PISSEDI collected these songs for the new ipod classic i was going to buy!downloading undelete now*fingers crossed*

  31. peter said

    Does anyone have a solution to this yet? This fucking piece of shit deleted a bunch of files including all my pictures.

  32. Nick said

    Oh sh*t! I thought my 8 year old deleted a few songs. But I just checked today and noticed about 8000 songs gone. Do you know how long it takes to rip 8000 songs from my CDs into iTunes? About 4 months of late nights and weekends and lots of patience. This isn’t counting $500 worth of purchased songs.

    I am so pissed! Apple better have a fix for this pronto.

  33. Yama said

    I’ve always hated iTunes…which is why i never got it. Winamp is now compatible with iPods, I hear…

  34. Withnail said

    Same thing happened to us – over 1,000 songs gone, including 104 purchased from iTunes store. No explanation – files missing from hard drive. How can this software do this? It’s illegal. If Sony sold TVs which got up in the middle of the night and threw all your DVDs out the window they’d be bust by now.

  35. Just updated to iTunes7 on prompt of software update and on opening it find it has lost my entire music collection including hundreds of £ of downloads, this is outrageous, especially since looking at above comments Apple must have known for weeks that this was happening.

  36. Stu Platt said

    And me, gutted, had a load of playlists set up that took ages.

    Still got my files but gotta start all over again.

    They really need to fix this – quick !

  37. Marcus Howell said

    iTunes Still has the same f*ing problem. For me it’s a majority (but still a random assortment) of recently-ripped mp3s. And it’s every time I restart the computer.

    Winamp? Sounding better and better to me right now.

  38. […] listed, but with an “!” next to it, and the actual file is gone. Others on the web have witnessed similar problems with iTunes 7, often times with far worse consequences. My set up is not exotic; all the the files […]

  39. Rhys said



    SO MAD.

  40. Enwezor said

    This has been happening to me for ages. Songs just seems to disappear all the time. Luckily, I’ve still got all my CDs and I’m planning to build a Home Media PC upon which I will NOT use iTunes. I hate that piece of s*** software!!!!!

  41. liklibo said

    Does it do that to iTunes 7.3 too? And when it deletes your file, does it still play the song in iTunes? Because I’m not sure if this is the problem with me. I am also battling a spyware issue at the moment and Windows recently “deleted some corrupted files” from my hard drive. So when I logged onto my computer I looked through my music folder, and all my files R-Z are GONE, wtf! Odd thing is, iTunes is still playing the song even though it’s supposedly gone from my disk. (I tried the search feature, and I also looked at the file info on iTunes, and it showed me which folder the file should be in, but it’s not in there.)

    So do you think it was iTunes that deleted my files?

    • giselle said

      yep it was itunes..i had a huge library on my itunes and my computer and my iphone and its all totally corrupted and even tho i see some of them…they wont play ..whoever programed that software is a criminal.. even tho my antivirus kept telling me itunes was a virus i ignored longer!!!…even tho i have an iphone…i wont ever download another mac or apple product…or ever buy an apple phone again!!!

  42. liklibo said


    So I don’t even know whether or not it was iTunes that “deleted” my files.. god this is so trippy.. it sucks to have spyware/adware at the same time.

    Luckily I backed up my music files..

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  44. mike said

    just updated to the latest version of iTunes after I was prompted to do so upon opening the shit ass software, so of course I did – who doesn’t want bug fixes and the latest and greatest version, right?
    wrong. same story as the other poor bastards who lost their music they spent months importing from CDs – i figure at 30 hours a week for 2 months @ a modest $20/hr., those iTunes fuckers owe me $4800. i lost 55 GB of music just by updating to the new version – does anyone test this shit or do they just roll it out and see what happens? WTF??!!?? such bullshit. spent 1-1/2 hrs. on the phone with some dumbass call center person and my music library is still fucked. tried a system restore several times, still fucked. how do they get away with this shit? someone owes us an apology, reimbursement for our lost time, and a swift kick in the ass.

  45. Karlie said

    All my songs were deleted off of my i-pod nano when i was charging it. I have no idaea how that happened. Firts my pictures were delted now my songs. Does anyone no how to fix that?

  46. Karlie said

    O.K. If you had the same trouble that i just had…this is what you should do to get them back on your i-pod nano. first you right click on you i-pod (ex: Karlies I-pod) second you find I-pod options. Then your i-pod has all of its songs back on it!! i finally have my songs back!! hope it works for you!!

  47. John Joseph Adams said

    If you happened to open itunes and discover your music was gone before you synced your ipod (as I luckily did), try downloading iGadget. That’ll let you download your music off your ipod and back onto your computer. I’m just doing that now, and it seems to be working fine.

  48. […] install that deletes data files. (Apple once accidentally released a version of iTunes that could delete all files on a hard […]

  49. Peter Watcyn-Jones said

    Same thing happened to me last night. Suddenly 5 folders disappeared form my hard disk. Is it only windows that has this problem? Any other software you canuse with the iPod?

  50. Joe Wilson said

    Gaaah! This just happened to me also, last about 18gigs of music. At least 9 of those gigs I won’t be able to get back as a bunch of the CD’s were stolen a few years back >_<

    Still no fix I take it? System Restore didn’t do jack (was a wildshot anyway)

  51. Becky said

    Oh my gosh, why hasn’t apple fixed this! I’ve just bought all these new songs and didn’t back them up and now they are all gone. I’m so annoyed. Surely this issue should be made known to the people of the world. It waists peoples money and apple doesn’t even care! Its so selfish! well, I’m certainly never using this version of itunes again!

    • debbie said

      Not only has Apple not fixed this problem (happened to me when I updated to iTunes 10 – lost 3000 files) when I called them to report the issue and ask how to fix it they said “Wow, really? We’ve never had that reported before.”

      This is still totally happening folks, I’ve had my entire system checked for bad sectors, full virus scans completed and it’s coming up clean. That’s not the worst of it…it happened again three weeks later so the issue is clearly not resolved for me AND when I then backed up the few files I did have left, the next batch of files to go missing were also taken from my portable hard-drive because my hubby forgot to turn off Automatic Backup.

  52. HeatherH said

    Wow, I’m glad to see that I’m not alone – I lost more than 1,000 songs when I accepted an iTunes update yesterday. The song titles still display in iTunes, but with the “!” next to them, and the files themselves are gone. Add to this the fact that none of my remaining library will load onto my brand-new 80GB Classic (even though it’s recognized by iTunes and seems to be syncing), and I’m seriously considering jettisoning the whole Apple line. My sanity’s not worth it!

  53. Jennifer said

    This is a bitch. 16 GB lost thanks to iTunes. Many of which I no longer have the CDs to. I’ve, along with others, have lost 100’s of dollars worth of music thanks to this “Bug” that apparently Apple failed to mention in their “Is this okay to download” statement before we all downloaded it. Who do I bitch to about this? You’d think Apple would have already fixed this by now.

  54. Joey said

    This isn’t a bug this is a feature. Only seems to be happening to AAC files and not to mp3 files. All the stuff I lost was AAC files that I got from newsgroups, anything I got from ripping my own CD’s was OK.

  55. Kathy said

    I am just coming into this fray after discovering that nearly all of my itunes stuff is gone, I think it was because I just “upgraded” to the latest version in response to the automatic message. I am not a techie, but I had probably 50 or 60 CDs worth of music and hundreds of Audible books there. What do I do? Thanks anyone who can tell me.

  56. Tom said

    And what about non-music files? I had a very important TextEdit file on my newish iMac that has completely disappeared since I upgraded to iGoons, er, iTunes 7.6. I have always liked the program, mostly, and hadn’t noticed any of these devastating shenanigans until today…Now I’ve lost almost every single music file AND, for some odd reason, this text file that had p/ws on it. I thought maybe it happened when I was in 2nd Life and the Mac ‘softly and suddenly vanished away,’ ie., turned off instantly as if the power had been pulled. But now I read about iTunes 7, and I’m upset and confused!

    So, what is it now…nothing? Just nothing? No explanation from Apple or way to fix or…anything? I’ll try the workaround s/w mentioned above (if it’s Apple, not PC), but I hold little hope….

  57. JD said

    It seems I’m the latest one to join this sad club of people who have lost their music on iTunes. Just like some of you have mentioned, it appears I can still play some of the songs but then some of other songs which I had on there are totally gone! I had over 11,000 songs on iTunes and it now shows I only have 2800!! We should start some kind of petition, get it signed by all who are experiencing this problem and make this public NOW! What a ripp off! I was lucky enough to notice the problem before connecting my iPod and I also have most of my music physically stored on cases, but I’m still pissed at Apple!

  58. Robert said

    Welcome me to the club! I just installed the latest iTunes on my 64-bit Windows boot (on a dual-boot) and pointed it to my iTunes library on F: drive. Woosh! A whole bunch of songs, mainly mp3 rips off of my hundreds of CDs, gone. Any way to count/see which songs are no longer available?

    I’ll need to copy these back off my 80GB iPOD. yay – great being anal. 😉 And then I’m going to copy my 5000+ songs somewhere as backup to avoid this in the future.

    A class action suit or large petition sounds like a couple of good ideas. This type of idiocy costs people time AND money. Like any of us has much of either. Steve, you fucking imbicile, stop doing this shit! (that was my rant – I’d like to get him in a corner to brow beat him into submission). 😀

    • giselle said

      omg i will join u !!!! no wonder Bill Gates wants nothing to do with Steve Jobs…at least he has some brains..

  59. B.Lo said

    I just lost 20GB of music 😉 I have never been happier!

    I am about to throw my brand new macbook Pro out of the window!


  60. brandon said

    Can you run a earlier version of itunes without this happening? I just had to restore my comp to get my music back, but I still need something to manage my ipod shuffle, and I dont have itunes at all.

  61. Jay said


    I downloaded Itunes 7 and then connected my ipod. It said it couldn’t read shit from the ipod and asked me to use the restore feature…



  62. Trustworthy said

    *Sighs Heavily*

    Same for me. Same for me. But it didn’t do it silently…no. It was BOLD about it.
    I’m clicking on songs to play them and the next thing I know about 20 songs just delete right before my eyes. Then it starts going bezerk! Huge chunks of music-gone, gone, gone.

    It took all of my songs. All of them. I tried restoring the computer. No such luck. The stupid thing gave me back the folders with nothing in them.

    Who’s pissed? I’m pissed. Any solutions yet?

    • giselle said

      itunes steals the songs and renames and puts them in a different folder…good luck finding them lol..its like a needle in a haystack..and even if u do find them..the files are changed so they wont play most likely..all my music files on my computer were changed and destroyed too..lucky for me i didnt have anything that cost alot like some of the ppl i am reading …wow…what drunk ass wrote the itunes program…i guess they just worked on making sure they could stalk us and steal stuff from our computers rather than make sure the actual purpose of the program works…0.0

  63. Matt said

    Over 4,000 of my 6,200 songs, GONE. Happy birthday to me.

    Fuck you Apple.

  64. Matt said

    I bought about 10 new CDs, ripped them with Itunes (installed on a new Vista laptop), and went to resynch my Ipod (for the first time since I had installed Itunes on this laptop). It says it has to wipe my Ipod and resynch to this new library. Ugh, but ok.

    Only 1800 songs synched. Out of my 6190. Look at the drive where my music library resides and most of it is GONE.

    Thought I had lost approximately 4300 of my 6190 song library AND random other files on my external drive, accessed over a network. Random crap; personal programming projects, all kinds of downloads, installs, patches, in completely different directories. I noticed that the drive was still showing the space as being used, so I rebooted the computer the drive was physically attached to, and voila, everything’s back.

    Itunes is OFF my computer now; I hear Winamp’s got Ipod support now? Yay for winamp!

  65. Amanda said

    Yep…same thing happened to me. fucking retards.

  66. Rockstar said

    Something LIKE this has happened to me.. One day I came on to the computer, and there was NOTHING in my iTunes. Nada. Zilch. Everything was still on my iPod, and some of it still in files, from before I even had iTunes. But EVERYTHING was gone from iTunes. If anyone figures out how to fix this…

  67. Jay said

    I had posted earlier befored on April 16, 2008 @ 6:01 am (Read above). Well, guess what, it did the SAME thing to me yesterday. I lost my 40 gigs again… bottom line, i-tunes 7.0 sucks royally!

    I am reverting back to itunes 6.5 today. Read this for the steps to do this. It looks like this downgrading solves all problems that came with upgrading to a f***ed up version of 7.0.

    Hope this helps. I am not upgrading my itunes until they come with a newer version.. a$$holes!


  68. Tom said

    Just bought a new Ipod to replace one I left on the plane and some plane cleaner now has. I needed to upgrade to Itunes 7.6 according to Apple. I not only have lost my music…. Everything else is gone! I think it is still on my computer and am working with it now to try to rebuild. I think apple leaves this stuff in to screwwwwww Windows users who don’t have Macs. Not to mention Windows Vista Premium s?><#$$%^&EoUOU%$!)(!!!!!!

    • giselle said

      no…they even f**ked over mac book users lol!!!

  69. cj said

    hey guys, same thing happening to me. just noticed it last weekend when about 7 albums i had just added to my itunes library were removed. i added them all back and thought that it was just a temp bug, yesterday my itunes library stood at 4200 songs and i got on this morning and its at 4194 songs. iTunes is randomly deleting my music and i have no idea of how to stop it… i’m using windows XP, but im gonna revert back to 6.5 today. screw iTunes and their monopoly!

  70. JJ said

    So I’ve been having this problem for quite some time now as well. Odd part is, for me anyway, it seems to only effect non-iTunes Store songs. Anything I’ve actually purchased from iTunes seems safe. All my songs from cds that I’ve imported or other MP3s that I’ve imported from cds prior to iTunes, seem to be the target of this magical delete routine inside of iTunes. Oh and I’ve ran into this in Windows, MAC, with my library on the same drive, with it on a different drive, and pretty much in a bunch of possible configurations.

    It just has me wondering, is this more something that Apple did on purpose than an actual bug? That would tend to explain why it’s gone almost 2 years without being fixed. I mean, if you think about it, I could see it being a way to drive more traffic to the iTunes Store. You have an MP3 that you didn’t buy from iTunes, it ‘magically’ gets deleted, then Apple’s possible thought process is, oh you’ll just click on the convenient icon for the Store, buy it and re-download it.

    I’m sure this all sounds very ‘conspiracy theory’ like, but it also has a possible ring of truth to it too, depending on your point of view. So my question is, who’s actually had this happen to *purchased* music?

    • giselle said

      lol u must be totally correct..cause my purchased crap is still there….maybe the government is working with them to remove any downloaded files…but leaves the legal crap there…u think?

  71. Carrie said

    It’s ridiculous, it’s par for the course, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    What I have noticed, though, is that the songs that are being deleted are the songs I’ve had on my old computer and have transferred over. Songs purchased from Itunes are still there, as are the songs I’ve ripped from CDs.

    I guess the moral of the story is to make FREQUENT backups.

  72. Andy said

    Yep itunes and apple sure do suck!
    It just removed all of my itunes purchases over the last 2 years – so just out of spite i went thru every purchase on my itunes account and reported a problem saying that they deleted them. I know it won’t bring my files back, get a resolution or reduce their profits but they can waste their time reading them as I have wasted mine trying to find the files. They aren’t getting any more of my money that’s for sure.

  73. Jason said

    Same problem here guys, I’m sort of comforted it’s not just me. I thought it had something to do with the Windows reinstall I did a couple of weeks ago, but thinking back it was before then. Suddenly many of the tracks in my itunes library had “!” next to them. I now find I seem to have lost 4K of the 8K tracks I had (which were always saved to external hard drive anyway)

    What is most irritating is that it has done it totally randomly – all the old album folders are still there, but with either nothing in or M3U files which are useless! Also lost all the random ungrouped tracks that were just generally in My Music folder. WHat I don’t get is that when you right click on Properties, it’s still saying there are 8K files there?!?! THey MUST be there somewhere??!

  74. Andy said

    Full respect to itunes and in particularly Beverly of itunes store customer support. I received an email from her saying that as a ‘once only’ action she would re instate my purchases so that I could download them again. She did that on Saturday morning and it took me most of the day to do so.

    Then I realised that I missed a number of my order numbers off so I wrote back and told her so – and fair play she reinstated the rest of them, I have just finished resintating 166 of my previous purchases. Some were not available and I think I’ve lost them forever but heck full marks for trying to get me back to my pre itunes removal state.

    I will now use itunes again – but only with a FULL back up each and every time I download.

    So if you’ve lost purchases – my advice is use the itunes reporting to tell them so and you never knwo as a one off you might just get a second chance! Good luck all

  75. bella said

    any suggestion to solve the problem???

  76. JayarAHL said

    Ok… this just happened to me and I’m surprised by the number of people reporting the same thing! It deleted all my recent purchases, including TV shows and movies. Good thing I had most of it on my iPod. I’m running Recover My Files to see if it can find my old files again. This better work!!

  77. Stuart said

    I am furious this just happened to me. I’ve avoided updating the itunes software, but finally gave in and installed version (I don’t remember which version I previously had). A huge number of my songs have just disappeared. I am furious. Itunes has lost a customer.

  78. Otacon said

    I just updated to 7.7 And it deleted all of my top rated music completely from my hard drive. I did a search, nothing. Recovery didn’t even find the files. I don’t think they’d have been overwritten, but they certainly didn’t show up. Can’t iTunes be sued or something for stealing our money?

  79. HATE ITUNES said

    Itunes deleted all the my custom mix stuff i made, I am 1400 kms away from my computers was charging at my sisters she has the small ipod and it synced her garbage onto mine this is just Poor on Apples behalf Itunes is Sub standard Mainstream Garbage its been uninstalled and downloaded a copy of Anapod
    Buggy it works sync options are off i like it lets me copy too it and off it ITUNES IS A WASTE OF SPACE

  80. Andy Wedge said

    Wow!!! I was thinking of getting I Tunes as I have a shed load of MP3’s and CD’s that are waiting to be converted. Been using (happily) Windows Media Player up till now but I thought it was about time I hit the 21st Century. Thanks for all your advice everyone. I am gonna stay in the 20th century for now.

  81. Michael Chylinski said

    Man oh man. If I say anything bad about an Apple Product here at my house I just get dirty looks and they think I am a freek! I rant and rant about all the things that are legitamtly wrong with MAC and how their stuff functions. It promises way more than it delivers.

    I backed up all my iTunes files using iTunes and now I can not get thru more than 1-2 DVD’s before it just stops working. I am burining a new set now hoping it’s somehow the DVD’s I used. But I believe it’s just Apple. It is a profit source to delete files and not have them back-up. You gotta buy them again.

  82. Tilbutski Fekker said

    You know, i wished i had never touched this damn thing, from past experience i knew it was pants. I thought ‘ c’mon, surely they sorted itunes by now’, only to find 35Gb of music – some of which i played on- ‘vanished’ from my external HD. it seems though that only mp3s have gone, not any other file type….
    either way, this is just criminal.
    as it is i have downloaded a file recovery tool – peretologic- (at my expense) which is presently restoring some of my ‘lost’ files. i could smash that f”£$%^& ipod into a thousand small bits.

    keep clear folks.

  83. Chris said

    Yup this just happened to me! 7000 songs vanished of my hardrive but the space is still being taken up!! I had purchased songs on there as well, and they also got deleted! Everything got taken off my iTunes!

    People say Microsoft are bad!

    Apple aint doing themselves any favours

  84. Richard said

    I just gave in to upgrading from 7.1 to version
    and lost the entire contents of my C:\temp folder.

    This had a lot of random personal files of limited importance,
    but to take the liberty to mass-delete contents of our
    hard drives, especially in my case files that have nothing
    to do with iTunes is unthinkable and arrogant.

    How could developers be so stupid to release a product
    with a mass-deletion “feature” coded into it?

    Seeing that this problem has been going on for almost
    2 years and had to be well-known by Apple is so
    grossly negligent. There have been many version
    updates released but they have chosen to ignore
    this problem.

    iTunes remains a dangerous product not worth
    the risk of using. I have lost all respect for Apple and
    will never use iTunes again. They don’t deserve our business.

  85. Mitch said

    What makes no sense to me, despite program problems, which happens to every single programmer eventually, is that Apple has made absolutely zero effort to fix this problem.
    What the hell?
    That’s stupid. And bad business. As it appears above, just by adding up everyone’s amount of lost songs, on this page alone customers have lost something like ninety-six THOUSAND dollars.
    I hope Apple pays every penny.

  86. Ana said

    OH my god this just happened to me.
    im so pissed half the songs in my itunes got deleted!!
    its so annoying now i have download them all over again!!

  87. Scott said

    This just happened to me on version 8. Lucky for me I have backups, but I’m shocked this has been a problem since 7.

  88. Firebladeboy said

    Yep, still happening in V8 on Macintosh. Unbelievable!

    • giselle said

      its still happening with 9.5 too….

  89. Darren said

    Ok looks like this has been happening for a few years

    Wish apple put a fucking warning when you installed itunes that your songs will probably get deleted..

    this is fucked, music is my life, and it just deleted half of it.

    no where on my computer, its just gone.

  90. T said

    its criminal if you consider they are making money from people who are repurchasing songs. report this to the better business bureau imo.

  91. Rikko said

    I thouhgt already Iam going to be mad or so. More or less often, I saw the ! next to the song and I never could understand that I should have delete this for real.
    What I found out is, this happens more often, when I add albums to iTunes. But it deletes in a random schamatic. Songs I heard days ago, or not during the last half year. They got def. deleted fom my harddisk. And I did not do any iTuns updates so far. Iam with version 7.7
    Its still hard to believe, but has Apple maybe code this into iTunes ?
    Is its just a big bug?
    Fu*ck, Iam not happy anymore with my iMac.

  92. clearwafflejones said

    The F**K!!??
    I was just looking to listen to something.
    It’s not there.
    This isn’t the first time, but I sorta forgot about it.
    So I go looking around at forums and found this one.
    It’s the oldest, longest running, and still going.
    As I’m reading, I think about listening to something else;
    Something I was just reminded of.
    Surprise, it’s not there.
    It’s not in iTunes.
    It’s not in any folder.
    Sometimes, the titles are still in iTunes.
    But they have that stupid, blue exclamation point to the left.
    Sometimes, the titles aren’t in iTunes.
    But the files are still on the hard drive.
    I can’t take it anymore.
    I’m using iTunes v.8 osX 10.4.11on a g4 titanium pb.
    This is a sick joke.
    I remember I didn’t mind using winamp back in the late ’90s.
    Found a wrapping program that allows one to use winamp on mac.
    But it only works if you have an intel-based mac.
    My anus isn’t that big so this is starting to hurt…

  93. Jaymie said

    I have a Mac and a PC both with version 8. I”ve copied the original cd’s and called apple to get all the protected songs I’ve lost from iTunes reinstalled fresh. It deleted about 450 songs then it goes corupt, no music, blank library. It’s even erasing songs off my iPod. I was on the phone with an Apple tech for about 50 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong. She kept telling me iTunes is incapable of erasing songs. Well it’s done it on 2 seperate computers. She kept saying it was my computers that are corupt. Ummmm how can a PC and Mac both be corupt in the same way doing the same exact thing with software that is”incapable of erasing the songs?”

  94. Jaymie said

    I saw that one of the above posters metion winamp. I downloaded it w/the iPod pluggin, hit find music and voila all my missing music is now on winamp!
    If you could only see how wide my grin is. I can get rid of that F-in itunes.

  95. roflcopter said

    Serves you to buy i-crap from the i-crooks.

    Get a pc, and ban from your mind words like “third party app by apple or microsoft” and stick to freeware.

  96. Leath said

    Hmmm looks like I am going back to winamp.

    I knew I wasn’t losing my mind when I couldn’t find songs I know I had ripped.

    WTF Apple. Seriously. 2+ years of this crap.

  97. Harry Flashman said

    I have just bought an 80 GB Ipod classic and have installed Itunes. At first I allowed it to “rename my files”. I let this run for a minute but then changed my mind and clicked cancel. Later I went to a music folder I have called “Beatles” where I have every Beatles album. Half the files were gone. Luckily they weren’t completely removed, but rather copied and renamed to a folder called “The Beatles”. This is annoying but I can live with it.
    Today though I checked my music folder for some other artists and lo and behold they are gone!!! The folder is still there. The artwork still there but the files are missing. I have searched my computer to see if they have been renamed and moved somewhere else but no. After a thorough search I came up with nothing. This is bizarre. I am not sure how much I a missing yet but at least a few albums. I have now copied my entire music folder (all 42 GB) to another folder as a back-up. I am not very happy about this.

  98. Glenn Becker said

    Not sure whether this is the same problem. I had been storing music files on a 500GB external drive and all was well. But today there’s some stuff missing / not found in iTunes … when I try to look at the files by digging down in “My Computer” (am on Win XP) I get a popup saying the folder is corrupted or unreadable.

    Am going to see what happens via Linux.

  99. MADness said

    OMG! I seriously hate it when my stuff disappear! All my playlist just gone and they mean a hell lot to me… Does anyone know how to restore all the missing files??? 😦

  100. Stephanie said

    Happened on my computer too. It’s like they just dissapear out of nowhere. On day the files are there, the next day there gone. I am very upset. I have to make sure that I now copy everything to a disk right after every purchase. I hope itunes version 8 is better, but I am not getting my hopes up. I hate that our world is controlled by all of these money hording companies:( Good luck to you all.

  101. Jimmy said

    Ugh. Just happened to me. It’s been going on for about 6 months. I’m running OSX on my Mac Mini, and my files are on an external drive.

    Time to check out songbird.

  102. Ragathorn said

    got me to too.

    Another one bites the dust


  103. Ari said

    Hi thanks for the info, my itunes only deleted one file at a time now thousands. Thankd for sharing your experience, i was about to upgrade to 8 but now that that wont help I will revert to 6.4 as Jay said.

    Good luck everyone getting your music back.

  104. henry cooke said

    i wanted to add music from my ipod to my computer, but all the music got
    deleted off my ipod when i tried this…..

    how do i get this music back!!

  105. SN8P said

    eerg! well, years ago i switched from WinAmp to iTunes because of the amazing Library Management and I hated the new WinAmp…

    Well life means change and so I think about switching back to not loose any more music! (btw. WinAmp has many new and really fantastic features.)

    …so just one more thing to say… ‘bye Apple, bye iTunes!’

  106. lauren said

    well the same thing happened to me and everything was deleted but not on my ipod thank god but how do i get them back im not plugging my ipod into the computer i dont want to loose my stuff so someone help….!

  107. spun_ said

    yap…same here. 20gb of music. Back to windows..the world should know about this

  108. Me said

    I too have had this issue with itunes. So much so that I have not used it for well over a 1 1/2 years due to this issue only. I notice some common issues, library on external hard drives, stopping processing in the middle… I do not have mine on an external hard drive, but a network drive. Of my 60,000 songs at the time that itunes said I had, realistically I only had 53,000. No one else using my systems so I could eliminate that as an issue. That is 7,000 songs. One thought that has crossed my mind was if the drive was running out of space it may delete songs? I can not recall if my drive was close to being full or not. Anyone else have any input? Also with 8.1 out now, I was wondering if anyone had the courage to test it out who has experienced this issue. Honestly, I will not be testing it out. To much to lose. Personally I have been using media monkey. Songbird still lacks the power to handle such a large library. I make due. Miss itunes, but whats the point in using a program if it deletes your files?

  109. PIX said

    Well, i’m glad i’m not alone here…

    Here i was thinking Itunes 7 had the best presentation and all…
    They better fix this bug because i’ve had to reset my whole libary 3 times now in a space of 2 days!

    What is this?!

    Flip this is annoying thanks alot APPLE!
    You suck balls i lost so many songs this can’t happen again.

    If they can’t fix this i’m a delete this mutha no need for this crap to be deleting my songs yo…


  110. MCM said

    me too…

    this is quite bad.
    i wonder if it is the result of a deal Apple has with the RIAA.

    i used to use windows media player exclusively. i changed over to iTunes and the first iritating feature was the way iTunes renames songs. It destroyed in one fail swoop my entire music archive that i had been working on since the mid 90’s. everything was named wonderfully. one second with iTunes and it was all rearranged.

    then i started noticing complete discographies missing…

    as the CEO of a major music blog and news outlet, I had hundreds of gigs of music from my personal archives. they were renamed instantly. and over a period of time, iTunes deleted them.

    thankfully i have all of the physical copies, but the work to put them back to the digital state i had them, i am not looking forward to.

    apple fix this – NOW!

  111. CCEber said

    Wow, I thought I was completely losing it. After contacting Apple and IOGear for the external drive with no possible leads or acknowledgement, my friend found this. I lost my music almost a year ago, but then it stopped. I’m on iTunes 8 and it just happened to me again. In front of my eyes, I played a song and it suddenly disappeared from the folder. It was playing in iTunes and sure enough upon rebooting, the song can no longer be found. Another piece of music deleted forever. It’s painful to restore all these again…what’s the solution and why does Apple make this so hard?

  112. colinrichardson said

    Just updated to itunes 8.2 and not almost all of my music is gone. Like most of you above, I keep my music on an external drive (which has not been backed-up in a long time. I cannot understand why someone would create software which is so capable of being so destructive. I’m about to tyr to undelete everything now, hopefully it’ll work. I think I might try to get away from apple/iphone/itunes as soon as possible.

    • Tony Abdollahi said


      I have read your post regarding the affect of iTunes 8.2 on your music. I am an attorney and in the process of approaching Apple regarding consumers who have lost music on iTunes. I may be able to help obtain compensation. Please let me know if you are interested. You can reach me at 415-609-1312 or



  113. Gazoo8597 said

    After recently purchasing an iPhone & installing iTunes, I too have lost countless music & video files on my external hard drive. I’m pissed, and it appears that there’s nothing I can really do about it. There are no solutions to recovering the lost files, no desire or requirement to compensate me for forever lost time or data… That REALLY pisses me off, but…… there’s nothing I can do about it. That just so wrong…. lol! WTF??

  114. Tony Abdollahi said


    I am a California attorney investigating the affect of iTunes software updates on the deletion of music and other media files. You may be entitled to compensation if you lost files. Please call me 415-609-1312 to discuss your problem and see if I can help.

  115. Tony Abdollahi said


    You can also reach me at

  116. JC said

    YEP- this is annoying. And possibly illegal. I haven’t lost anything I have paid for in Itunes. However, I have lost COUNTLESS albums I have imported- which I legitimately own, through this ITUNES bug. If one wants to modernize his collection, and MOVE ON FROM USING THE COMPACT DISC, WHAT IS ONE TO DO Apple? Add to this, the default setting Apple turns on during a New installation of ITUNES to choose to “automatically import CD” when you put it in the computer, this has GOT to be illegal. Apple is, in turn, illegally removing music from my computer that I have every right to listen to through Itunes, and in turn my device. This is completely irrational, inconvenient, and annoying. I understand the importance of copy protection, however I simply can’t depend on Itunes to listen to music I own. I look at any of my ipods as devices that might have some music I might like to listen to on, however-honestly, half of the time I go looking for an artist, and it’s been deleted. Boo. Honestly, the Zune phone will be next, possibly not presenting this bug. This kind of thing makes Apple look more & more like the company they’re trying not to be. Apple is still a greedy multinational corporation, folks. They have no right to do this. (Enter Google & they’re operating system.) Fix this bug Apple. Fix this.

  117. Donsen said

    This crap happen to me too I lost 230 GB of music and only ended up with 10 GB left this piss me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so bad you just don’t know how long it took me to collect all that music. But what stop me from flippin out was my friend had my back up hard drive. What I learned was Apple has it if you don’t buy there music they deletes yours to buy there’s .

  118. Jesse Nemitz said

    This just happened to me on the LATEST version of itunes. I had reloaded my operating system. I imported my entire library into itnues and it worked beautifully. I was reinstalling other software while listening to music and then it stopped playing because it couldn’t find the songs. itunes had deleted over 120gb of music. I HATE FUCKING APPLE

  119. alex watson said

    this happened to me yesterday, went to use itunes every single one of my songs were’not there, started wondering what the hell happened. found all the files again copy them over, all is good then i open it up and again today and it was back to how it originally was( regarding previous playlists i’d made). it seems all is fine, for the time being

  120. erva said

    i lose my iTunes’s music everyday !!!! before itunes 7 i got 50-75£ “wasted” in itunes’s music, now it cleared me all!!!!!!

  121. mike said

    today i went to play music as i do every day after work . click on a song and it said that it couldn’t find the original file. i want to know what’s going on can anyone help!!!!

  122. wtbleep said

    I have the same problem. I run Itunes 9 but some rare files just got deleted form my drive (total 18 files). My library is on a network harddrive because it doesn’t fit on my macbook’s SSD drive.

    The songs are still in my ipod so I’ll attempt to get them back of my ipod somehow.

    This is making me very scared. I think I won’t start itunes again until I have a good backup of my library. I’m not really confident anymore about itunes.

    “Apple, it just works.”

  123. Leon63 said

    It is still happening. I have lost hundreds of music videos – many of which are probably not replaceable. The interesting thing is that it seems to be limited to stuff not purchased through iTunes.

  124. Binkywashere said

    Unbelievable! I google to see if anyone has heard of such case and for now for almost 4 years! This “bug” has been deleting music. I have just noticed I have lost well over 200+ songs. At least I can say I have been more fortunate than others though this matter is still nothing to be the least of happy of either or comparison. I have noticed when I turn my Compaq computer, Windows xp, a window will tell me, as I start up my itunes, that itunes memory is low blah blah blah… I ignored it because my computer is a piece of shit. I assume it was telling me “today I will be deleting some of your things” like if that’s nice to do. Piece of shit itunes. I still have version 7 and now updating to 9. I’m almost positive a new ipod is in order so it can read and manage the new itunes version unlike my video classic ):

  125. Binkywashere said

    Reply to Mike who commented on October 1 2009; That is because it is not saved on a file that you should have for songs to placed then transfered over to itunes such as your “My music” folder.

    • Sharon said

      I am having the same problem as Mike at 1 October. It first happened when I transferred my iTunes to my new laptop and I re-imported all the CDs but then over Christmas one day I played a song and the next day when I tried to play it I got the message “can not find original source”. When I went and looked in the My Music/itunes file sure enough it is missing.

      As Leon said – it does just appear to be things I imported and not what I bought from the itunes store.

      Anyone got any thoughts or hints because it is starting to get really annoying to have to keep importing Cds over and over.


  126. kenny said

    this crap happens to me too like once a week dont know whats wrong

  127. Richard Phillips Sr said

    I have a MAC and ITunes… music files are slowly being deleted. Does anyone know how to stop this. Thanks

  128. Dunkle said

    im fed up with this too i keep getting exclamation points by my songs and when clicked on it also tells me that it can not locate the song, ive googled the problem and all the tidbits given did not work for me, any new ideas for this problem?

  129. ralph said

    I am having problems with itunes deleting my songs on my front music page. It sends these files to the recycle bin. I still have the songs on my hard drive and i reimport the folder, but everytime i go back to reopen itunes the songs are deleted again. I have sony vaio with vista. Not sure what is causing this problem. Can anyone help?

  130. sarah said

    I am totally p’d off with itunes… for the 4th time now Ive opened my itunes library to see that its deleted EVERYTHING… Im more than less than impressed, 26g of music just gone… I feel like smashing my ipod up and never buying apple ever again… they need to fix this immediately.

  131. Jake said

    same thing happened to me. I’m on itunes 7 too. a hour before it deleted my music it asked me if i wanted to make a backup copy of my music. Did anyone have this happen to them.? Maybe it was warning me??

  132. stef said

    I just noticed I lost over 30G of songs!

    Any solution from Apple yet?

  133. stef said

    Same here – 22Gb of music lost!!!!

    Any help??

  134. Mr.Goose said

    To recover your files, try Philip Grenier’s Photorec, part of his Testdisk suite. It is available for most popular OS’s including GNU/Linux, Apple Macintosh OSX & Microsoft Windows. It’s free of charge and open source – so no nasty spyware, adware, trojans or other such annoying or destructive crap.

    It recovers a huge range of file types, including:-

    Then to prevent getting into this mess again, you must fort bear in mind that Apple, like many American media corporations, is far more concerned with protecting its profits, than the needs of its customers. And the law, on both sides of the Atlantic, is a complete ass insofar as protecting consumers against these massive corporate interests.

    Therefore, consumers must protect themselves. This is my strategy:-

    1. Strip any DRM from all your media files so they may be copied freely onto any media and any operating system you chose. There are various way of doing this. Google “remove DRM”

    2. Avoid buying any media objects (music, video etc) that have DRM (or that cannot have their DRM removed easily).

    3. Don’t use iTunes. Use one of the many excellent open source media player/juke boxes instead. e.g.: Amarok, gMusicPlayer, Juk. Open source = no hidden nasties! The source code is a matter of public record.

    4. Don’t use proprietary operating systems (e.g. OS X or Windows) unless you absolutely have to. Choose an open source one instead. And avoid any software that attempts to lock you in to the products of just one corporation.

    5. Make sure you have at least one backup. Hard disks are relatively cheap. If you follow recommendations 1 & 2. above, then your files may be copied freely. So there is no excuse for not making backup copies.

    6. Use one of the excellent open source backup tools such as rsync to maintain accurate and easy backups.

    I should just add: I do not condone the illegal pirating and distribution of copyrighted materials. However, I believe consumers every right to protect and preserve material they have legitimately bought and paid for!

  135. Mr.Goose said

    Erratum, I meant Christophe Grenier. Sorry.

  136. Larry said

    Same here – over 40Gb of music gone and much of it irreplaceable.
    I hate these clowns.

  137. Marc said

    Sad to say, my entire MP3 library was deleted. My daughter bought an Apple for college and reattached her Ipod from a PC to her MAC. Over 200 hours of uploading CDs are gone. I always meant to buy an external backup device. Shame on me. Apple also really sucks, there should be warnings and this behavior should not be a default.

  138. lozla said

    i knew it!! i’m not going mad! i thought it was something to do with converting some of the files’ format whenever i upgrade itunes – have put off upgrading for a while as it always changes my folders and some of my favourite music has been lost – however all the converted files should have been converted previously, and i know most if not all that has disappeared had no need to be converted anyway – i am now on itunes 9.something and have only just googled this as everything is now so messed up it will take me years to sort out my music and begin to figure out what’s been wiped or jusr re-filed. i hate itunes and am seriosuly pissed i have just been given a shuffle. am now going to find a new music player and stop cussing my pc 🙂 thanks for returning my sanity to me everyone – it means a lot!

  139. Tristen said

    This just happened to me at the end of June. It is unbelievable that this is still an ongoing problem for iTunes. Hundreds of hours of ripping time and rare media gone in a wink. No mp3 player, no change of folders, all I did was download an update. ONE UPDATE! Why does it randomly select 20% of the songs to keep? My problem is I have no time to sort this all out. Searching brings up all sorts of random mp3, mp4a files – what a friggin mess. If I ever recover, Apple will have to sell their overpriced sh*t to someone else.

    • Tristen said

      BTW, this happened on a new Macbook. Apple is rotten to the core.

  140. gerobean said

    Don’t think upgrading to iTunes 9 will fix the problem. iTunes 9 just deleted my entire music collection!!!

  141. stef said

    So – Who has FINALLY fixed this issue is my question; I am still in limbo for 2 years now having lost 9Gb of music.

  142. Roby said

    So my father got itunes 7 hes computer files are untouch but his ipod had files from early in the year(he had to reinstall) so he had pictures and video on his itouch to keep the files he did the sync manually when he got itunes 7 it did the sync (even though,he turned auto sync off) and he lost the pictures and video from his touch is there anyway to get them back?

  143. Mike said

    Thanks alot you @#$@#@ing a%$h%l&es ^* at Apple!!

    ****357 gigs of music wiped off my harddrive,. Who do you think you are?!!!!

    sign me up for the lawsuit !!!

    now you can pay for my time and efforts and your actions!!

  144. Mike said

    sorry, Mod ,. for the #$%#$%#$% part

    but ,. i’ve spent years building,and backing up my old cd’s ,. i’m just alittle upset …to say the least..
    that music was irrreplaceable… i don’t have most of the disc’s anymore… hence the reason i spent all that time making a backup…

    ooooh ,. thanks Apple…

  145. stef said

    Again, what’s the solution?
    I do not want to restart my whole iTunes library again…

    I managed to recover some files, but they are all named a strange way… no help uploading or adding them again to iTunes.

    Apples no help so far, although I contact support & filed a complaint.

  146. Sam said

    I thought it happened to me as well after losing songs but what Itunes did is put it again in a music folder under my original folder. Maybe worth looking there? But this was the last time I used Itunes… too much of a hassle this program

  147. mike said

    piece of sh1t software deleted all my hu albums so fvcking p1ssed right now unistalling itunes now will not ever use in future good luck fixing this sh1tstorm apple you really fvcked up this time

  148. Bob said

    My good ol’ 80 gig classic…four seasons of Northern Exposure and a home movie converted from 8mm to DVD, GONE!!! wtf yeah..I lost the DVD too.
    Just a little ticked here.

  149. Ric said

    yep, itunes still doing it. I don’t know exactly when, if it was itunes 9, or itunes 10, but there full albums missing that i know i would have never erased. this is unbelievable!!!

  150. Mac said

    I downgraded to 6.05 and this stopped happening for about a year but it just happened to me again even though I’m running old itunes. Should I downgrade to itunes 5? Will that help?

  151. Fahad said

    Ok so here’s the story, I recently started training for a marathon run, hours of running everyday, so I decided to buy an MP3 player to ease the suffering of running 10miles daily. Anyway, I had an option between a Sansa16GB small running MP3, with Audio/Vid and an 8GB memory. 2nd option was the tiny Ipod nano touchscreen also 8gb with no vid. The Ipod was 3 times the price of the Sansa but then I said, hey.. I want something quality and longlasting so I paid something around 300$ for it from my country. NOW… I get home thinking like any fucking MP3 I copy/paste songs into a folder and im all set to go. Little did I do that a fucking fuck up of a program called iTunes existed, first of the Ipod does not come with an installation CD, guide on how to use or any shit like that. I’ve had the freaking thing for a month now and still can’t figure out how to fucking put the songs I want into it. It’s fucking crappy and it sucks ass, the first time I connected it to charge it randomly put in songs for me without me touching anything. Some1 told me I have to untick the songs I don’t want and then sync whatever is left?! I HAVE FUCKING 90,000+ songs on my PC! I REFUSE TO FUCKING SIT FOR 24 HOURS UNTICKING SONGS! Fucking iTunes… fuck u, and this is the first and last time I’m buying an apple product. worthless piece of crap.

  152. haim namer said

    i lost all my music ,shit

  153. mamazee said

    it’s may 2011, and this is still happening. The first time i contacted apple (in 2009) they let me redownload what i knew was missing – but it’s very random! Hard to know what is gone! Until you remember that song, and then realize it’s missing. This time, it’s an EP i bought through itunes. I just bought it again, and i’ve done that a lot. but it makes me mad that i should have to do that – i paid once, shouldn’t have to keep paying. Sometimes i remembers that i already bought it and it doesn’t charge me, but even that is totally random – sometimes it remembers, sometimes not. This time they let me redownload again, looks like everything i’ve bought in the past six months? The EP wasn’t there :: but i just downloaded everything just in case.

    What i would love to find are

    a/ an easy to understand article explaining how to turn off the music deletion part of itunes – i thought it was just that the auto sync option kept turning itself back on, but this time i had “manually m anage” selected, and it still deleted files

    b/ real life directions how to back up the music. Can i drag it to a folder in an external drive? I tried to do that on my hard drive, and it only copied maybe 10% of my music.

    Further notes: This deletes both things i ripped from CDs i own, as well as music i bought from itunes. and it seems really random as to what it destroys.

    I would like to switch to floola or something similar, but i am afraid of bricking my ipod/ipad/iphone.

    I just checked into WinAmp, and they are not compatible with the latest version of itunes. Also checked into yamipod, and they pointed me to floola as compatible. But even on floola’s forums there were scary posts.

    I really don’t want to brick my gadgets! I’m sending this thread to Apple… This is seriously messed up to have people complaining about the same issue for five years solid and they do *nothing* ?

  154. ExLoony said

    Well F U apple, here we are in June 2011 and this thread just explained why hundreds of my albums which I ripped to WAV over past months have been vanishing. And I did not even need iTunes on my PC, it came as a free gift from Audible. What a bunch of shits. about 200 GB of my files deleted without so much as a murmur, hundreds of hours of work lost. Guess I jost lost any interest in ever having an iWhatever.

    • ExLoony said

      Oh heck, I have to eat some serious crow. I found most of my music in another directory structure. I take it all back, and apologise. Looks like operator error when I set up the rip program. Album art and WAV files ended up in different places.

      Blog owner, if you can delete my earlier post, and just leave this apology, please do so. At least this one time, not their fault.

  155. Amanda said

    I bought an iPad & was forced to update iTunes. It worked fine for 2-3 weeks, but Boom! today, my whole iTunes library was gone!….HOURS I’d spent ripping songs from my CDs or downloading audio books from Librivox & converting them into iTunes format.

    I called Apple & their customer service was good–they walked me through the steps of re-adding my library (basically, pointing at my Music folder & adding the songs back in, converting them to iTunes format). I use Windows Media Player to rip songs, and then import them into iTunes, so maybe that’s why all my original music was there. I imagine if I had ripped songs with iTunes there would be no way to get them back.

    The tech person said that if you purchase a song from iTunes store, you should be able to go to your store account & get it back on your PC w/o charge.

  156. Victor said

    I am also finding that iTunes 10 is randomly deleting my music! It first started with songs I hadn’t listened too in a while which wasn’t huge deal and I dismissed it. Than it started deleting some of my 4 and 5 star songs and my old CD’s from years ago. By the time I realized it wasn’t me causing the problem, it was too late. Just today I noticed over 100 songs have been DELETED from my Macbook. It’s not anywhere on my hard drive, including my music folder. Some are recoverable from my time machine backup, but most I have to reinstall from CD’s…lots of CD’s. This software behavior is inexcusable! Even more so, it’s affecting “PERSONAL” files. I just switched over to using a Mac 3 years ago and now it’s turned into garbage since snow leopard and now itunes 10. I would rather have a blue screen tell me I’m screwed today and only lose a days worth of data than suffer the slow virus like deletion/corruption of files with Apple and iTunes. I paid mad money for this operating system and two MBP’s. The least Apple can do is not delete my files from under me!

    I sound pretty pissed, I know…but consider the same thing happening to photo’s which you only archive for 2-3 months. Imagine losing those old pictures of your son or daughter over time because you didn’t notice in time. Where are last years Christmas pictures? Or in this case, where is last years Christmas music? Sneaky deletions such as the one Apple and iTunes is doing would obliderate such cherished files forever unless you archive them forever.

    Deleting “PERSONAL” files is inexcusable!!!!!

    This thread is from 2006 people and Apple has yet to fix this, think about it.

  157. mister said

    Acer aspire5610 w/vista & hp simplesave ext HD with 160GB ipod classic
    I have lost all my music from itunes several times but the ext drive is still intact. Whenever I click on the itunes icon, my music is lost, sometimes all, sometimes just some of it. No prev itunes library from when I had 12000 songs!!!!!!Lucky i had the ext drive to repopulate itunes.
    Then after that lengthy process, they are gone again!
    WTF!!!??? How do we start a class action against them for HOURS of our time trying to fix their bugs???

  158. Ken said

    Wow lots of people have problems with itunes and apple isnt doing shit to help. I recently installed itunes 7 and 90% of my music is gone. thats over 1000 songs I have purchased over the past 4 years or so. I have tried adding the folder back to the library nothing… I never deleted anything or moved anything, its just gone I have searched high and low on my computer and its all gone. I’m super pissed off thats well over $300+ in music gone! I can’ express how mad I am with apple, the songs that werent deleted are all skipping and making weird noises so far into them. What can I do? like I said I’ve tried adding the folders back in, and nothing happens, (theyre empty?!) the only thing I could do is sync my ipod and import the files back to my computer, but I’m really nervous that they will disappear off of there as well!

  159. George said

    I found out last night that a lot of my music has also been deleted from my hard disk – no logic just random – I don’t mind things going missing from Itunes but to have it deleted from the disk drive is not on – Its ok if the stuff is items you have purchase from itunes as you can just re download – but I have also lost stuff that I ripped from old tapes that I owned including old band stuff that I did at school 20 years ago – not sure I can still rip them from the tapes – not happy ..

  160. Diana said

    Found your post. Ever since I got my iPod and have had to deal with iTunes, I have hated it. It behaves as if I have no idea how to manage my own music files. I always uncheck “Keep iTunes Media folder organized”. Well now I’m at, and this piece of shit deleted ALL of my albums because I wanted to remove them from the iTunes app. It ASKED me if I wanted to delete the associated files and I said no. iTunes deleted them anyway! WTF?!?! AND WHY WOULD ANYBODY SAY YES? just had to vent. After running Recuva, no deleted files were found, which means this POS also deleted the “markers”… I really HATE Apple.

  161. JS said

    Happened it me as well, over past year. All of a sudden, years of missing suddenly unable to be located by iTunes, and gone from my hard drive. Time for a new player.

  162. Tim M said

    this is how SATAN is going to rid the world of music; we’re doomed without Jesus. I have I-tunes on comp somewhere but don’t use it. This happened to me on Bare Share, like i googgled Music filile diss RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES.I was all over comp looking for something. Can other apps do this? how to fix, luckily i have old MP3s but afraid to plug them in just yet.

  163. Tim M said This is posting about I Tune that’s kind complicated,legal stuff …interesting , encrypting your file can be done..its complicated..should be a download that does this for you to block users..if your file are copy write protected or taken from a sight ,i guess they can take it your comp. need a download to stop this… manually done is a b!#ch

  164. Tim M said Maybe this will work..i might do it…..this one seems extreme…for DJ’s>>>>

  165. Tim M said

    WAIT… before putting files in PDF??? which SoftMedia will do…you need to get them out of this state…thier player MIGHT do this…read the problems Martin posted here at >>>

  166. Tim M said

    I hope someone has the best solution…I’m gonna wait . Please someone reply.

  167. Jon said

    Here it is 2012. I am using the latest versions of I-tunes on my MacBook Pro. Guess what–I-tunes still does the same thing. This is not about “synching” as I have not synched my I-pod since owning this computer. This appears to be some kind of deliberate software process that is attempting to delete items that I-tunes thinks you do not own. I have over a thousand vinyl records and had been turning the ones that have never been available on CD or MP3 into such files for personal use. I often got the cover photos from on-line record sales locations. Out of a 165 Gig collection, it appears that I-tunes took out about 10gig so far. Everytime I open the program, more files are removed. Some of them are even I-tunes purchases that I did not save in the purchased section of I-tunes.

    So, my view is that this is not a bug, but something deliberately intended to purge users hard drives of any files that I-tunes decides (based upon some algorithm) are not owned by the user.

    • Jahn Smesh said

      This is ludicrous! iTunes deleted a bunch of my music files (none of which were purchased through a$$le, but were ripped from CDs that I own).

      Interesting thing here is that only the files themselve are gone; the folder structures remain.

      Now when I sync the phone, it warns me that several songs cannot be synced be cause my computer needs to be authorized with iTunes store, but the files listed are from CDs that I own and this computer is already authorized!

      A$$le sux

  168. […] like this one reminds us all that Apple makes mistakes (sometimes really bad ones — remember the iTunes version on Windows that ate music files?) and that the only sane pre-upgrade policy is to have solid, tested […]

  169. […] this one reminds us all that Apple makes mistakes (sometimes really bad ones — remember the iTunes version on Windows that ate music files?) and that the only sane pre-upgrade policy is to have solid, tested […]

  170. […] this one reminds us all that Apple makes mistakes (sometimes really bad ones — remember the iTunes version on Windows that ate music files?) and that the only sane pre-upgrade policy is to have solid, tested […]

  171. […] this one reminds us all that Pome makes mistakes (sometimes really bad ones — remember the iTunes version on Windows that ate music files?) and that the only sane pre-upgrade policy is to have solid, tested […]

  172. cecchi_star said

    Same happend to me. Apple has to replace my files! Bug like this shoudn’t happen!

  173. Anna Plaster said

    Oh my god!! This has been happening to me for ages!! I don’t know how much has been deleted but I reckon it’s about 300 albums!! WTF?
    How can they let this happen to people?
    Have backed up all the files on 2 different external hard drives, but stuff is still missing and the structure the albums has been filed in has changed too.
    Well at least I know that I’m not loosing it now.
    Time to start thinking about what to dump iTunes for…….

  174. JamesG said

    Same happening to me? I have latest iTunes and Lion and it is still happening, music I listened to last week is gone this week. Single songs and whole albums. Why is this not fixed yet???? Apple?

  175. […] The disappearance of an entire folder was a matter of some consternation. I have no hard proof that iTunes deleted the folder, but there is no way that I would have deleted the folder myself, even by accident. That leaves two possibilities 1) a virus ate it, 2) iTunes, the only program that I use for playing music, did something to it, 3) the Windows format in the external hard drive has bugs or incompatibilities. I’m afraid I lean to the second alternative for one particular reason. The name of the folder that disappeared was “Unknown Artist”. If there is any folder that iTunes (or Apple), with its concerns about protecting copyright, is likely to pick on, it would be this one. Other people have also reported songs under iTunes’ care that have gone missing. […]

  176. George said

    2013 and its still happening …..

  177. ….and keeps going..!

  178. Thanks a lot for the guide!

  179. […] iTunes 7 might delete your Files! Silently! | Martin … – Sep 19, 2006 · July 14, 2010 @ 2:11 am. ya BS i have a Mac and ITunes did the same shit to me so! pissed… and it seemed to be the files i liked the most that got deleted!… […]

  180. […] iTunes 7 might delete your Files! Silently! | Martin … – Sep 19, 2006 · July 14, 2010 @ 2:11 am. ya BS i have a Mac and ITunes did the same shit to me so! pissed… and it seemed to be the files i liked the most that got deleted!… […]

  181. […] iTunes 7 might delete your Files! Silently! | Martin … – Sep 19, 2006 · Please be careful – iTunes 7.0 might delete files and folders in your music folder, even if you have switched off automatic management! This turns out to …… […]

  182. Kris said

    2015; and itunes did the same thing to me a few hours ago… 265 gb and YEARS of tender love, renaming, sorting and listening to my music down the drain. I am missing a few songs here and there, albums, even whole folders, all together 47 gb gone, just like that, and only because I wanted to sync it on my old ipod. thanks a lot apple, I won’t recommend them to anyone.

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