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Thunderbird just stole me 30 Minutes

Thunderbird IconI used to advertise Mozilla Thunderbird to friends as a great free E-mail client with excellent IMAP support. Not anymore (I switched to Apple Mail). This is due to some stupid UI flaws in Thunderbird that just make me shake my head. Today, I focus on my fight against Thunderbird to recognize the changed password of my IMAP account. I expected a dialog box with a prompt for the new password. But far from it!

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Counting UTF-16 Characters in Java 5

If you take I18N serious, then you should take a look at Sun’s latest “Core Java Technologies Technical Tips” covering Strings if you think the following code sample is always the correct way to count the length of a string:

private String testString = "abcd\\u5B66\\uD800\\uDF30";
int charCount = testString.length();

Java 5 introduces support for Unicode 4.0, which defines a significant number of new characters above U+FFFF (the U+ prefix signifies a valid Unicode character value as a hexadecimal number.). Thus, the 16-bit char type does no longer represent all characters!

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