Articles I read today (eBay, JBoss, C++)

  • Nuggets of Wisdom from eBay’s Architecture
    This blog posting recaps the statements of a former JavaOne session about eBay’s J2EE architecture, the motivations and experiences.

    The impressive part is that eBay had 380M page views a day with a site availability of 99.92%. In addition to that, nearly 30K lines of code changes per week. […] The key nuggets of wisdom are a stateless design, the use of a flexible and highly tuned OR-mapping layer and the partitioning of servers based on use cases.

  • The Unofficial JBoss Performance Tuning Guide
    The articles show how to strip down JBoss, i.e. remove all services which are not neccessary for your application’s needs (Okay, I don’t use JBoss, but still good to know.)

    There isn’t a lot of consolidated information in this area, and the information presented here is through trial and errors and bits and pieces of information found on the JBoss forums and weblogs of JBoss developers. Comments and corrections are very much welcome.

  • Announcing The C++ Source
    Good to know that C++ still has an active development and community. Reading the article “C++ Reloaded” I really appreciate the “world dominance” of Java:

    As we speak, the C++ standards committee […] and its members are adding powerful abstractions that at once increase the power and the ease of use of your favorite language. Hash tables, tuples, regular expressions, numerous useful smart pointers, more mathematical functions, and fewer syntax ambiguities are coming our way, and that’s only the beginning.

    I really liked C++ ten or so years ago and used it a lot. Today, I wonder how the C++ world and myself could live years without an API and general framework backing the core language. (Can someone please count the numerous String class implementations available in C++?)


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