Two great Frameworks I never heard before

Some friends (Klaus Krüger from MGM and Berthold Maier from Oracle) today mentioned two frameworks they have very successfully used in recent J2EE projects. I haven’t had the chance to check them out in detail yet…

Open Generator FrameWork

The Open Generator FrameWork is a full featured MDA/D tool kit written in Java. It comes with an XMI based import interface supporting several popular design tools, powerful meta model framework, and a simple and elegant template language. Due to its modular design, each component can easily be extended or replaced.

It is the successor of the core of the b+m Generator FrameWork distributed by b+m Informatik AG and is currently being rereleased under the LGPL as part of the project (note the missing ‘e’ before ‘ware’; sf has a 15 character limit on project names).

Carbon Component Framework

Carbon is a lightweight component model for the Java programming language built to support enterprise applications and compliment J2EE and other traditional technologies. The technology provides a basic abstraction for the development and deployment of modular services. Included with the framework are caching, a JDBC accelerator, metadata driven deployment and management, XML and JNDI-based configuration, user and group management supporting JAAS and other technical utilities and services.

Carbon provides improved flexibility by providing robust multi- deployment, type-safe configuration support and remote management capabilities through little to no additional code. It also provides a simple name-based lookup mechanism to deployed services. The component model employs basic lifecycle support and the architecture can be configured with additional interceptor plug-ins that add functionality across the architecture.


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