The Office, a great british TV Series

Don’t know where I got the tip from, but anyway, I spent all evening watching the first season (6 parts) of the BBC series “The Office“. It’s simply brillant – some kind of Dilbert of the paper industry, filmed in a documentary style. You have an incompetent manager (regional officer) doing management by walking around, his odd-behaving assistent regional officer (no sorry, assistent to the regional officer) and the other lovely employees trying to do their job. The series has great humor, although not as obvious as in sitcoms and certainly there is no background laughter. I will try to get the second seasons, can’t wait until then.

The Office posing for a photograph

Oh yeah, I just figured out The Office is available on edonkey; just do a search for “the office avi” and look for AVI files with a size of about 220-240 MB. There are also english subtitles (.srt files), just look for “the office subtitles”.  You can play the AVI movie with subtitles by making the .avi and .srt filenames equal. ZoomPlayer, for example, then recognizes the .srt file when you play the .avi movie.


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